From 1 April 2018 Barratt-Boyes Law Practice has merged with Sellar Bone & Partners and John Barratt-Boyes is now a partner in that firm. This website will continue until the new Sellar Bone & Partners website is up and running.

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What does the Law Society do?

What is a Conveyancer?

What is a Cross-Lease?

What is a De Facto Relationship?

What is a Family Trust?

What is a Legal Executive?

What is a Personal Grievance?

What is a Relationship Property Agreement?

What is a Statutory Declaration?

What is a Unit Title?

What is an Authority and Instruction?

What is an Affidavit?

What is Solicitor/Client Privilege?

What is the difference between a Barrister and a Solicitor?

What is the Disputes Tribunal?