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From 1 April 2018 Barratt-Boyes Law Practice has merged with Sellar Bone & Partners and John Barratt-Boyes is now a partner in that firm. This website will continue until the new Sellar Bone & Partners website is up and running.

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The Best Divorce and Family Lawyers for Auckland

Ending a relationship is tough on both parties — emotionally, practically and financially. If you are currently going through a de facto or marriage breakup and need assistance or advice regarding your legal rights and responsibilities, Barratt-Boyes can help.

Our service is not simply to approach your situation as just another case we file away; rather, we want to ensure that the service we provide is always personable and tailored to your specific situation.

We provide caring, compassionate legal help to clients from all backgrounds and circumstances. Our aim as one of Auckland’s best and most knowledgeable divorce lawyers is to ensure that our clients can confidently move forward with their lives, knowing that their interests (and the interests of their families) are protected.

Compassionate separation lawyers for a difficult time in your life

Finding the best divorce lawyers in Auckland for you is a matter of finding an experienced practitioner who you feel comfortable working with. At Barratt-Boyes Law Practice, we provide a welcoming environment in which clients can feel free and empowered to discuss their legal concerns and share important information. In over 33 years in practice, we have assisted many individuals to achieve the best possible separation and divorce outcomes, and we can do the same for you too.

Barratt-Boyes Law Practice can assist with relationship separation agreements, separation of assets, and providing services as expert separation lawyers.

This can include reviewing, advising on and/or attending to:

  •  Your rights under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (NZ)
  •  Completing a separation agreement
  •  Completing a relationship property agreement
  •  Taking or defending proceedings in the Family Court
  •  Representing you at a mediation conference, settlement conference or hearing


Providing a wide range of law services in Auckland

Although we have a great deal of knowledge regarding divorce law procedures and processes, we are also experts in a wider range of law services. We have amassed significant experience with property law debt collection, business disputes, forming a family trust, the sale and purchase of businesses and deceased estates. With over 30 years servicing the community, we are equipped to help you. If you need any information on these aspects of the law, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have the knowledge and experience to ensure you get your full entitlements. Contact our Newmarket office today on (09) 631 0541 for more information on our services.

If you’re looking for second-to-none service and a comprehensive understanding of the laws related to these processes, please get in touch. Barratt-Boyes Law Practice rely on over three decades of law experience to answer any questions or queries you have about these services with the utmost professionalism.